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>> and eminent crackdown. an exclusive with the former president of mali. a moment of make or break for africa's oldest ruler as votes are counted in zimbabwe's election. welcome to al jazeera. also coming up in this half-
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hour, the u.s. government offers a rare peek into spying methods. and we report on how britain's gamble on casino style games has led to a rise in addiction. egypt's interim government has given the police orders to end sit-in's by supporters of ousted president mohammed morsi. the cabinet said the rallies pose a threat to national security. thousands of loyalists have been protesting for weeks in cairo demanding his return. the muslim brotherhood insists they will stay put until morsi is reinstated. >> the cabinet has decided to take all necessary measures and us up -- a sign the police to it in the protest. is for the safety of the
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egyptian people. craigslist go live to our special corps isn't -- correspondent in cairo. what is the reaction on the ground to this statement? [indiscernible] there has been no sign yet of any sort of police action. people held that with -- people felt that with such a high- thatle dignitary here, now she is gone i think people felt
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-- the other thing to raise people's anxiety level. people have been here preparing , so the security precautions around the upper two -- around the perimeter of the city have been bolstered. [indiscernible] they hope to stop any undesirables from coming into the area. a woman grabbed me by the arm and said please tell the world
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there are women and children here who are all dying in the police crackdown. >> thank you very much for that update. that is our special correspondent speaking to us live from national city. thousands have turned out in defiance of the military order for everyone to go home. they say they will continue with their sit in the until the president mohammed morsi is reinstated. al jazeera spoke exclusively with the head of the african union high panel for egypt, the former president of mali. he met with mohammed morsi on wednesday. here is what he told us. >> among the meetings we have had that the authorities facilitated for us, it was possible for us to meet with dr.
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morsi. we had a good meeting with him. we also wanted to listen to his own views on the situation. message ofa friendship to all. we believe that the violence must stop. and that everyone must bring his contribution to the table. --are convinced that convinced our african brothers to get themselves out of the situation. we found him in good health. we had a good, direct, relaxed meeting with him, and if necessary, we will ask to meet him again. we are certain he will always be available to receive us, as he has already shown us. we are on a mission of listening to our party. we are at the half a point with our meetings and it would be premature for me to say what our conclusions would be at this stage. peacefuluntry,
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protests form part of democracy, but derailment in to violence must be avoided. incitement and provocation must also be avoided as well as arms and weapons in demonstrations. >> the polls have closed and vote counting is under way in is a mob -- in zimbabwe's presidential and parliamentary elections. in some cases, voting time was extended. this report from the capital of harare. >> many people braved the cold to vote. >> i want to cast my vote early. it is very important, this is very important for me. >> as it gets warmer, the lines grow. inwas not like this back
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march and people voted for the new constitution. but there are problems, some people say they cannot find their name on the voters' roll. once inside the polling station, the process is fast. opposition parties are concerned about vote rigging, saying there are dead people's names on the rolls. >> the president says the elections will be free and fair. he is up against his longtime rival who is also determined to win. observers say so far things have gone smoothly. >> there is nothing to worry about. you cannot expect any organization like this to be absolutely perfect, provided the imperfection will not alter the will of the people. votersome places,
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complained the polls opened late and s officials were slow. authorities hope to announce the results within five days, if they do not encounter logistical problems. >> the co-director foreign- policy at the institute for policy studies said there have been some problems with the election process, but the people's voices will be heard. >> there are concerns already about voter intimidation prior roles andabout the the voter rolls not being made transparent at the time that were anticipated. so this is not perfect, but i think there is an overwhelming sense that both the international observer, the african union, the southern african development community, as well as civil society in zimbabwe, are keeping a very waffle iron and using all the new technologies at their
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disposal -- keeping a very watchful eye. >> the u.s. government has offered rare glimpse into the spying operation that caused an international outcry. this comes a senior intelligence officials face lawmakers about surveillance operations. >> the american people expect and deserve honest answers. >> armed with evidence and arguments, u.s. national security officials asked congress to let them keep collecting millions of americans phone and e-mail records, all in the name of creating a terror attack. >> we are not collecting on record so we can wander through them. that is just to look at the connections. >> there was skepticism and hostility from both democrats and republicans. the u.s.a.215 of patrick act has for years been secretly interpreted to
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authorize the collection of americans phone records on an unprecedented scale. >> how can you justify the assertion that phone records of millions of americans who have nothing to do with terrorism or relevant to and authorize investigation under section 215 mr. r >> the obama administration declassified a secret court order to prove that the collection programs are legal. that is contrary to what most americans believe, that intelligence agencies cannot gather information about people inside the country without a specific warrant for a specific suspect. the declassified court order allows the nsa to collect the phone records and e-mail addresses of people inside the u.s. to say what they are saying to foreign terror suspects. the nsa set in 2012 during than
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500 phone numbers merited a follow-up investigation. at a hackers convention in las vegas, the head of the nsa called the media reports tantamount to treason. >> if we tell everybody exactly what we are doing, then the adversaries will know how to get through our defenses. >> what did not come up during the hearing, the revelation in the guardian newspaper of yet program which the former in as a contractor edward snowdon claimed would allow the government to see everything in someone's online activities. that may give even more impetus to legislators who are trying to figure out how to curb or even outlawed domestic surveillance in the united states, and certainly raise the specter of more confrontation. in theencing has begun trial of the u.s. was thousands
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of classified documents to wikileaks. bradley manning has been convicted of 20 charges which include espionage, theft, and computer fraud. he was acquitted on most serious charge of aiding the enemy. >> the sentencing phase is under way in the court martial private bradley manning. the two things that matter are what was his intention, and did he harm the u.s. natural -- national interest? we may never know what that to say, much of that part of the sentencing phase is expected to be done in a classified setting. the other issue is, what was manning trying to accomplish? the prosecution called him a hacker anarchist. this is going to matter because the judge in the case has a lot of discretion. she can either sentence him to
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time certain set him free, or she can say he will spend the next 136 years behind bars. >> welcome back. the top stories, each of center mcgovern as given -- each of its interim government has given a disperseders to supporters of ousted president mohammed morsi. there have been long lines at polling stations in zimbabwe. the u.s. government has released documents giving more details about its buying programs. the release comes a senior intelligence officials were questioned by legislators about surveillance methods. more on our top story, after the death last friday of several
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pro-morsi supporters at a rally, the muslim brotherhood was -- theng more public reaction has been muted. we look at why there has been so little concern despite the number of fatalities. >> funerals have been held across egypt. for the of mohammed morsi supporters, there is little sympathy to be found for the majority of the dead. all families wept for the eight people allegedly killed by security forces, most tv channels here covered the funeral of a policeman they say died in the clashes. in the mainstream media now, the muslim brotherhood is often equated with terrorism and violence. the leader said the military and businessmen or orchestrating a propaganda campaign but that ultimately it doesn't matter.
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>> what comes is more support to the muslim brotherhood. but even a few activists say it the movement's current demonization is a current -- a disturbing trend. >> is important that it remains in a light. are all these crazy calls for annihilating them in the media, in the official media and the private media that is owned by businessmen. most of them were loyal to of the mubarak. >> pradesh morsi protesters chanted death to the general. this thatoric such as
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brotherhood political opponents say is so dangerous. the brother who is responsible for this state of chaos. i can understand a peaceful sit- in in this particular area in which your expressing your views, but i cannot understand how you forgive this language of incitement that they are using day and night, telling the young kill other if you egyptian citizens they are practicing jihad. >> hatred is right on both sides of each of its political divide. with the current dehumanization of people for their political or religious views, the country's .loodshed is likely to continue >> tunisian's education minister has resigned as pressure mounts for the government to step down. it intensified last week after the killing of an mp.
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>> tight security at the headquarters, its leaders are meeting behind closed doors amid growing calls for a new coalition to solve the ongoing political crisis. >> we will not yet say we are willing to go with the national unity government. we are saying we are open to discussion and debate and the concepts -- concept of the national government. convinced.s are not a leading member of the popular front, an umbrella organization of secular and leftist come increasingly critical of what they describe as authoritarian rule. >> this government has failed, so it has to go. the assembly has failed and it has to go. street, two nations
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are as divided as their political leaders. this is a delicate moment. we are building institutions and we need everybody on board. >> the national unity government, we need a government of technocrats that run the country until new elections are held. >> attacks against the military by radical groups and the declining economy in a country that inspired the arab spring revolt, it faces an uncertain future. >> is at a critical moment. it is under tremendous pressure to create a national unity government but is worried they will push for more concessions. >> the un says syria will be
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allowing its investigators to go to three sites where chemical weapons have allegedly been used. the un says they will be in syria as soon as possible. ,hat location is outside aleppo which was the center of allegations in march that chemical weapons were being used there. both sides claimed the other side brought that attack. , the government says it has taken control. >> reports from rebels inside the city and from state media suggest government forces were close to victory in homs. these pictures reportedly show pro-assad forces moving through one neighborhood. this has been a stronghold for the rebels for more than a year. the government now says the army is in full control here. syrian state tv also reports the military has taken another area.
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i think in a military point over withinwill be a few days are maybe one week or two weeks. we have to remember that we still have 8000 civilians inside fighting there? different groups, there is lack of organization, lack of cooperation and communication. >> the syrian army has been pushing steadily north in recent weeks. of one city control in june. the last major city of rebel stronghold is aleppo. government tanks roam the streets of homs, bunning targets
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in some neighborhoods among streets piled with rubble where building once stood. they are blocking supply lines for the rebels. >> due to the decrease in the number of fighters and the injuries they suffered, in addition to the blockade, there is no ammunition, no food or medicine. this led to the retreat of our fighters. >> activists say the army is now concentrating on during the last rebel targets in the old city. a victory for president assad's military and hezbollah fighters to support him as looking increasingly inevitable in homs. a major defeat for the rebels and assad opposition who call this city the capital of the revolution. >> activist in brazil have tried to draw attention to the thousands of people who have gone missing in recent years.
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represent nearly 35,000 have disappeared since 2007. in spain, the driver of the train that crashed last week says he cannot explain why he failed to brake in time. the accident killed 79 people. >> this is the first time the voice of the train driver could be heard following the accident. as he approached the site where the train would eventually the rail, he told the prosecutor he feared the worst. >> by the time i saw the curve, i knew i would not make it. >> did you activate the braking system when you entered the tunnel? >> everything was activated before the train derailed. his voice heavy with emotion, he answered the prosecutors .uestiones
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>> what rethinking about before entering the second tunnel customer >> i don't know. if only i knew. i will have to bear this the rest of my life. it is tremendous. >> we are working on this to find out what was going through your mind. i am asking you to try harder to be more direct. >> i am telling you sincerely, i don't know. i am not so crazy all would not apply the brakes. >> on monday the train's black box was officially opened. it revealed that before the accident occurred, he had been on the phone with the chief of the railway operator. the man was identified as an inspector from the rail company. he was on the same train when he called the driver. he escaped with injuries, but before speaking to the prosecutor, he had denied having .ny contact with mr. garzon
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the court wants to see what other details and documents the rail company has on the driver and details of any other phone calls he may have made or received during the journey. >> transport officials and argentina have been trying to find out why there have been so many train crashes in buenos iris. that come up with some startling answers. some drivers were found reading books, falling asleep, and using their mobile phones while at the controls. the transport ministry says it is introducing new blood oxygen tests to find out whether some drivers are more likely to fall asleep and others. the latest figures show that the number of britons addicted to gambling has doubled in the last six years. critics said the government is too focused on profits to regulate the industry properly.
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but many people regard gambling as a " real and harmless fun. >> you will eventually lose everything you have ever had. rock bottom, hit it literally might turn you into a shell of a human. >> this street in east london has 17 gaming facilities. many companies have set up more than one outlet on the same stretch of road. during the last few years, side by side with pawnbrokers and money shops, they have gradually changed the face of the british high street. some kasay that sucks the life out of it. expressions of the collapse of the traditional high street, mirrored by the seemingly inexorable rise up payday lenders and gambling outlets as well.
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the police don't like these things anymore that local authorities to insist they are feeding on poverty and encouraging crime and antisocial behavior. the problem is that the moment, nobody outside central government has any power to stop their rights. the addicts don't know when to bet on the horses. the stock machines can pay out hundreds of dollars but can empty your pockets in no time at all. the numbers involved in these casino style games are huge. there are currently more than 33,000 operating in the uk. than $65 billion was gambled on them. gamblers lost $2 billion to the machines. the argument is the rest of the local economy is bound to suffer. there is room for all of us
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in an area. you just have gambling or pay lawns or own brokers, no one else can start a business. >> the british government takes and a half billion dollars a year in tax from gambling. some insist there's no hard evidence that the machines calls social gamin. others argue that gambling is the hidden demon, casting a toxic spell in the high streets.
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